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Commercial Refrigeration
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Froid Climatisation Techniques
Parc d'Activité La Verdière 1
13880 Velaux, France
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Froid, Climatisation, Techniques > Activities > Industrial Refrigeration
Study, design and realization of refrigeration installations for warehouses and refrigerated platforms, agrobusiness plants, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, clinics, petrochemistry, aeronautics and special applications
FCT ensures that the design and sizing of its refrigerating installations comply with the contractor’s book of specifications. With 25 years of experience, FCT masters the different refrigeration techniques.
Piston, screw, scroll compressors, etc...
Automated production management
Direct expansion (R404A, CO2, NH3) or use of coolants
Air or fluid exchangers, helicoid or centrifugal
Noise emission monitoring
Energy costs optimization

Business application fields :
Agribusiness : drying, sterilization, freezing chambers, killing chains, process cooling
Logistic hubs, freight zones
Warehouses for fresh and frozen products
Beverage and milk industries
Carving workshops
Fruits and Vegetables
Pharmaceutical industry
Petrochemical industry

Aeronautical industry

After-sales service and maintenance :
24/7 intervention

Energy savings and regulation :
Centralized management systems for refrigeration equipment
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